Adagio House

Adagio House is a panoramic country house surrounded in the green hills of  'Oltrepò Pavese'

Made of natural materials and designed with bio-architecture criteria, the house is energy independent and is surrounded by vegetation, with a garden of 6000 sqm. The surrounding area is rich in forests and vineyards ideal for walking and cycling. Nearby there are stables for horse rides and many small villages where you can find excellent local cuisine and wines.

Relaxation, silence, clean air and views of rare beauty guarantee a 'art of Italian living' holiday.

We will gladly advise you on activities and rides in the area.

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The Oltrepò is  land of inaccessibile monasteries, castles, small ridde villages, farmhouses and wineries of honor, traditions and battles, saints and poets, inhabited by Ligurians, Romans, Celts and Lombards, who gave us even today, in all his silent harmony, the visible traces of its ancient past. A terrace above the great plain, to contemplate and enjoy like a wine of the year (see the video'A hidden Tuscany south of Milan’

The surroundings

During the day, you can easily reach many tourist destinations of great interest: Pavia, 30 km; Piacenza, 30 km; Milan 70 km; Genoa and Liguria 130 km; Lake Maggiore 134 km; Lake Garda 150 km; Turin 160 km and many others.

For information and reservation:

+39 339 252 5971

Adagio House

Località Pizzofreddo 14a

Santa Maria della Versa - Pavia

Who we are

Rosita and Gaetano have left the city life after spending their first forty years in Milan to start a new business of environmental educators in a more humane and relaxed.

They built Adagio House from natural materials, following the criteria of ecological design. The result is a welcoming and friendly environment, where energy is produced in a clean and where the balance with nature is a daily practice and soothing.

They are then born three children: Agostino, Agnese and Aurora who grew up in an environment rich in silence and serenity. Maybe that's why all three have developed artistically inclined and playing musical instruments such as the piano, the guitar and the violin.

For this reason, Adagio House is a perfect place to listen to music, paint or practice the ancient art of yoga. Guests have access to a piano and small musical instruments, as well as a wide selection of CD of classical and modern music.